Kevin Finn
Customer Relations Specialist

Kevin consults on all aspects of managing a profitable direct mail campaigns, for both large and small companies.

For many years, Kevin has worked with top mailers and marketing experts, and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge about direct response marketing. He shares insider tips with his clients, and shows them the strategies they can use to make their mailing campaigns successful.

Kevin started in 1997 to help clients get the most out of their marketing dollars, and today is regarded as a top person to call for marketing campaign planning.

Kevin can draw on over 100 writers and about 25 designers -- all of whom understand and apply the principles of direct response.

Kevin’s clients have included Forbes, Agora, Phillips Publishing, Intuit, Rodale Books, Journal of Longevity, Life Extension Foundation, and Association for Computing Machinery.

Some of his clients mail a million pieces every month, because their mailing campaigns continue to bring in the orders.

Kevin can guide you through the marketing process, from start to finish, including . . .

  • Checklist for a successful direct mail campaign
  • Joint venture recommendations
  • Tips on how to get the highest quality copy
  • Assistance with working out fee arrangements with copywriters and designers
  • Help with writing up agreements with copywriters
  • Tips on avoiding the pitfalls that can weaken a direct response campaign

Whatever your budget, Kevin can plan a marketing program that meets your needs.