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Powerful copy & graphics. Fast turnaround.
Pricing you’ll love.

Use the power of our expert team of advertising copywriters, graphic designers, social media experts and fund raisers to generate stunning copywriting and graphic design, and high returns — typically
2-5+ times cost . . . and sometimes much higher.

Liberty Marketing provides you with the total marketing package: expert consulting . . .
powerful copywriting . . . profitable social media . . . stunning graphics and much more.

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Expert consulting & strategic analysis 

Our decades of marketing experience enable us to identify ways to greatly increase your client base, your revenues, and make strategic changes that greatly increase the profitability of your business.

Innovative branding and repositioning to transform your enterprise.  

A few changes in your company identity can often make a world of difference in your public recognition and cash.

Copywriting that can bring in millions

Let us show you how our 100 years of combined copywriting experience can generate powerful, memorable and profitable copy for you. See examples here.

Stunning Graphics

Stunning graphics, custom-designed for your enterprise, demand attention and get results fast.  See examples here.

Custom Websites, just for you

The custom web sites we create for you get great results and create a unique identity for you.

Social Media that’s cost efficient and works

Effective social media – including Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In and Twitter —  is critical to your success, and no one does it better.

Complete Publication Creation, marketing & management

Our team has helped create, market and edit publications that now have tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers, including NewsMax magazine and the Dividend Machine.

May we do the same for you?

Powerful Business Plans & executive summaries

We have helped scores of business get started and become successful and profitable enterprises, through custom business plans and executive summaries.

Fund-Raising: Tap into the power of 2 million  investors

We have access to lists of millions of investors and venture capitalists as well as hard-to-reach angels, eager to provide funding in all amounts – from $10,000 to $10 million and more.

Liberty Marketing team members have successfully raised millions of dollars for both startups and established businesses over the last ten years.

JOBS Act Marketing: Raise $5 million to $50 million FAST

The Jump Start Our Businesses Now (JOBS Act) enables you to raise up to $50 million from qualified investors without the red tape, expense and delays of any initial public offering. Ask us how. 

List Selection, tracking & management

The most important single factor in marketing is your audience. Your audience determines what copy, subject lines, headlines and graphics you should use . . . what your offer should be . . . when and how often you contact your audience . . . when to use email, direct mail, and social media . . . the content and appearance of your web sites.

Successful marketing involves testing many different lists and copy, tracking results, and quickly “rolling out” to profitable lists.

Liberty Marketing offers you state of the art list selection, targeted copy, tracking and campaign management designed to maximize your returns and minimize your costs.

Complete Campaign Management

The most successful marketing campaigns are not “one shot” promotions, but a series of promotions to many different lists over many months.

Again and again, we have created campaigns that started with modest budgets, but built to millions in revenue through sustained, professional copywriting, graphics, social media, testing and tracking.