Claire Stevens
Lists and Social Media

For over 20 years, Claire Stevens has helped businesses identify the best mailing lists and audiences for their products.  She specializes in developing customized marketing strategies that maximize response and convert a high percentage of ad opens and click-throughs to sales.

Claire is an expert in all facets of digital marketing, including . . .

  • Identifying the best email and direct mail lists for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Carefully matching companies with the most productive lists and social media
  • Maximizing response from email and social media advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Using the latest platforms and techniques for high response from social media.

Over her career, Claire has helped generate millions in revenue for a large variety of clients, including energy companies, technology, alternative energy, cannabis, pharmacecutical products, alternative health care, precious metals, and retail.

Claire’s career in direct marketing began in 1997, at the onset of the digital era. In the early 2000s, she concentrated on investor relations, financial newsletter sales, and alternative health retail.

Claire’s investor relations marketing campaigns have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for her clients, which have ranged from low-budget advertising, to multi-million dollar campaigns conducted over 6-18 months.  

She has aided numerous early-stage, publicly-traded companies develop the fundraising vital to achieving their project goals, with many seeing as much as 1,000%+ valuation growth.

A pioneer in the digital space, Claire Steven’s insights into the complex consumer market have developed highly-responsive databases for her clients. Lists she has recommended and help develop for her clients routinely generate 2-5 times costs, and as high as 20-40-times cost for sustained marketing campaigns.