"Great Marketing Copy"
"Special Results"
What clients say about our services

Not only did our business expand, but the new recommendations reduced our advertising expenditures because he had us focusing on just two main media, giving us a strong ‘share of voice’.

— Doug Fulton, CEO Eagleson’s Big & Tall
CHICF shares were up +23% in one day from your marketing!  Moreover, in the 15 months CHICF has been trading in the U.S., there have only been three days when it had greater volume.
Great marketing copy.
—  Andy Carpenter, marketing expert
We were new in town and needed guidance with regard to what creative would be best for us. We were coming from Mexico City and understand what would work best. You opened the door to Southern California for us.

— Beatrice Valdivia, Local Sales Manager

Volume of shares traded of the energy stock you recommended in your marketing were up over 200-fold in five months, and share price was over 10-fold. Incredible!
— BK, Martinez, CA
Jarret’s pamphlets have been read by millions throughout the world. He’s the Thomas Paine of the modern liberty movement.
— J.E., San Francisco
My job was to launch the well known Mexican tequila Brand in a new American market. You opened the door not just with the tools and creative we needed, but helped us select the best media to do the job.
— Varden Sardaryan, Owner
Operating a vineyard in an area not known for its wine is a difficult job. You created just the right look and message to draw people to our wine tasting room and join our wine tasting club. We had over 3,000 members.
— Don McAdam, Owner
Our Dolores Brand is over 40 years old. But recently, we went on a different direction and developed a couponing program that increased our volume considerably. The look and message in our ad was perfect.
— Dave Munoz, President
One of the first frozen pizzas in the grocery chains, OH! BIY! needed a real update. You made that happen with spectacular results.
— Pietro Vitale. Owner
You provided the finishing touch to our latest TV commercial; The closing slate showing the positioning statement and our Brand. Well Done!
— Luis Saavedra, General Manager
Over the years Eriksson Ad Ventures, have worked with several graphic artists and some have come and gone but Bill Heim has been a keeper from day one. We know we can always count on him to deliver the highest quality of work with great creative ideas and always deliver on a timely fashion. Indeed a true professional and always a pleasure to work with him. I would highly recommend Bill's work in a heartbeat.
— Flavio Guerra, Owner