Jarret B. Wollstein
President Liberty Marketing

Jarret Wollstein is a marketing expert and President of Liberty Marketing.

Mr. Wollstein has over 40 years marketing experience creating campaigns for a wide variety of clients – most with a return on investment of three to over ten-times cost, and in some cases 20 to 30+ times cost.

His clients have included newsletters, books, alternative health, energy and alternative energy companies, technology, neighborhood associations, a community college, precious metals companies, and non-profit associations.

Mr. Wollstein was trained by direct marketing superstar Daniel Rosenthal, president of Dan Rosenthal & Associates (DR&A). While at DR&A, Mr. Wollstein worked on winning marketing packages for The Silver & Gold Report, Financial Privacy Report, Interest Rate Speculator, R&N Nutrition, and Weiss Publishing (publishers of The Safe Money Report).       

Since starting his own company in 1993, Mr. Wollstein created successful ads and marketing campaigns for Universal Coins and Bullion, Dr. Jonathan Wright’s Nutrition & Healing newsletter, Friedlander Insurance, Bullion River Gold, Newsmax magazine, the Dividend Machine newsletter, California Physicians for Medical Freedom, and TGK Engineering.

Mr. Wollstein also helped create many very successful Investor Relations campaigns which brought in millions of dollars for clients including America’s Wind Energy, Cloud Computer Security, Bullion River Gold, and Nuvilex Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Wollstein is also the author of over 50 books and special reports and thousands of articles. His books include Surviving Terrorism, Surviving Financial Crisis, Shadow Over the Land, and Lethal Compassion:Why government medicine is the cure that kills. Millions around the world have read Mr. Wollstein’s brief but powerful issue papers and articles.

Mr. Wollstein has also edited numerous publications in his career, including the Financial Privacy Report, Intelligent Investor Report, Financial Intelligence Report, Intelligent Options, and the Washington Trade Exchange newsletter.